Hi Jody, Welcome to Euphoric! How has the year been so far?

Thank you very much! Generally, it’s been an amazing year. Super productive both on the production and touring front. My family is healthy. All is good 🙂

Talking about this year, you may have seen more airports than you may have ever. So, what are you exactly doing now?

Yea totally, I’ve literally just got back from a 9 date tour of the states and I was only there for 12 days! This year has been pretty ferocious, to say the least. Right now I am dealing with jet lag lol!

“My dad said, ‘Right, you better be making money within a year or you’re going back to school.”- How much of an impact did your dad have in your career? What kind of music inspired you to keep you going?

My dad managed Way Out West for about 10 years, so a huge impact. At this early, crucial stage I was still into hip-hop but slowly morphing into breakbeat/rave/UK house (bleeps + bass).

UK’s rave scene in the 90s was amazing. What has been your fondest memory from then?

The Universe raves (R.I.P Paul Shurey) were mind-blowing experiences, and the first one was pretty much the catalyst for me quitting education prematurely and going full-time music. Risky, in retrospect!

With busy work life, which can sometimes be very challenging, how do you think you have been able to balance both your musical career and your family life with poise? What advice would you give to others who find it as a challenge?

I actually think they balance each-other out nicely. Without a family, I would still be staying up all night making music and waking at midday. Not a healthy lifestyle, so this enforced change is fully a good thing 🙂 Everything in life is a challenge, just roll with it and be the man to the best of your ability.

Which was your ‘biggest break’ or ‘ greatest opportunity’ that made a difference in your musical career?

Possibly the success of Way out West’s “The Gift “which charted highly in 1997 and opened a lot of doors for us. Being on the TV show “top of the pops “was a childhood dream come true!

‘Way out West’ made its own stand to the electronic music audience. Tell us more about your experience & your WOW tour with Nick. How has that been so far?

Yeah, Nick & I have been together now for 23 years, it’s been a minute lol! Currently, we are finishing the new album and did a US tour in March, with another one scheduled in 3 weeks’ time. It’s always a pleasure working and touring with Nick , we respect each other’s solo endeavors but recognise the magic is still there when we collaborate , which is nice 🙂

Your productions are organic and groovy. Please share about your upcoming ‘Way out West’ album with Nick, when do you plan to release it?

Thanks! Yea, as mentioned above it, is almost finished and is scheduled for a late summer release on Anjunadeep. Watch this space.

Talking about Way out West, how differently do people in countries like the USA or Canada respond in terms of underground and progressive music compared to countries such like Europe or Argentina?

This sound is very popular right now in the States/Canada and has always been hugely supported in Argentina over the years. Europe is a slightly tougher market generally, but places like Hungary in Eastern Europe are really up for it.

What was your first major breakthrough into electronic music? Name 3 of your all time favourite tracks?

I was really into oldskool hip-hop, which counts as electronic music I suppose. Mantronix and all the early electro stuff. DEVO was a band I was also really into as a kid, kind of alternative rock but with heavy electronic influences.

1. Grandmaster Flash – The Message

2. The Beach Boys – God only knows

3. Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphony

With tight work schedules you are also managing the A&R side of Anjunadeep. What are some of the unique challenges involved in that role?

I really like to get involved with a track and maybe take the A&R duties to the next level (requesting stems and trying re-works etc.), whereas a lot of labels will just pass on a track if it is not 100% right from the get go. Interactive A&Ring, if you will.

Who are some of the newer talents to look out for?

Amateur Dance, who remixed the latest WOW single is definitely worth watching. Tinlicker has something huge coming up also.

‘Yes, things have changed, Hard work pays’…. We’ve all heard that, but there are these talented artists who still struggle to make their sounds heard. What do you think it takes to make a mark out there in the midst of so much competition in the industry today?

Possibly a really fucking good name. For example, Eats Everything or Friend Within. Something that captures the imagination and is visual. This is maybe more important than the music, in the current climate.

Is there any other collaborations you are looking forward to?

Working on more collaboration with James Grant for the forthcoming Anjunadeep 8 compilation. When I have the time in the future it might be nice to work with others, but for now, it is strictly WOW / Nick and stuff for Anjunadeep with James.

Where do you fetch your inspiration from? What do you normally do when not working on music?

Tons of travelling which is super inspiring, meeting likeminded people from all over the place. Chilling with the family is also good for vibes which can be translated into music. A bit of pain too, sometimes bad experiences can produce the most heartfelt sounds.

What is your studio setup like? Any recommendations & favorites on the software, Plugins, and other gear?

Protools and Ableton Live based, generally, all processing is done in the box but we have tons of analog synths which I definitely prefer using over vsts. Jupiter 8, Prophet 5 and Macbeth M5N being a few of my favorites. As for software, really feeling the Brainworx stuff at the mo for processing and love U-He’s synths.

Thank you for your time, Jody! We hope you have a great year ahead.

It’s been my pleasure 🙂 See you soon!

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