Hello, Hernan, correct us if we are wrong but it is your first time to India and also marks the entry of FACT worldwide onto Indian shores with Deep dictionary. How important is it to have a presence here?

From the beginning we had it in our minds to try to expand the way we organize events and reach out to as many possible territories. Of course Asia is a tremendously interesting scene on which are many things to discover, and India is very promising in terms of exchange of European sounds specifically. I have the feeling that there is much to discover in this large country.

Tell us about FACT, what inspired you to take a step forward and form this organization?

Our current purpose is very similar to the initial one; the only difference is that our goals have become more ambitious because of all the experience we gained. Five years ago we were just three, and nowadays we’re seriously thinking about an office move because we do not fit more. The main goal is still promote quality events based on a personality and grown from our day to day discoveries. Imagination is an essential element for us.

In a landscape that has hordes of brands and artists, especially in Europe and the United States standing out is always difficult. Yet fact has achieved this, what sets it apart from other crews?

That’s a great point, I think one of the strengths of all the work done so far is possibly our constant associative predisposition, as well as how to display different electronic shapes without the need of be always carrying on current trends or hyped artists. Each occasion requires its own music, and nowadays there’s loads of exciting music out there, so we try not to limit ourselves to a particular style. I think that our weekly events at Pacha Barcelona on Sundays exemplify it perfectly.

With brands such as awakenings making their entry into India this year, is FACT planning on doing something similar?

At the moment we’re getting first contacts but of course we’re quite open to keep working on it in the future! We are currently working on 2016 projects and it would be really nice to include India in some future gigs!

You recently played at a boiler room show with Maceo Plex and the Ellum crew. What was that like?

One of the greatest and funniest experiences I had so far, not only because of the streaming thing, that event was, in a good way, a really challenging one in production terms. All the brands on board worked at their best for reaching the highest event quality. I know Ellum’s crew for a long time now and we putted out all together with the venue Cova Santa Ibiza and Boiler Room crew quite easily. When I was finally playing there the context was just blurred, I just did my thing the better way I know, as always, and as far as I know people really enjoyed my set and others’ too. We can proudly say that Cova Santa was one of the most magnificent event we have taken part. Loads of insights happened, still smiling when I get back to that night.

How important has Barcelona been to you in terms of your growth as a professional DJ/Producer and as an owner of FACT?

Well, take note that I’m Argentinean and I’m based in Barcelona for 14 years now, so back in 2001 the whole clubbing landscape was quite different from what we have nowadays. But yeah, undoubtedly Barcelona is one of the finest European spots if you want to push your career, either on make contacts, discover new and fresh sonic inputs or to get involved with its artist community. The flow of artists who visit the city is constant, that’s very important in my opinion.

Could you guide us through your studio set-up?

Sure thing! It’s mostly based on Bass station, my beloved Korg, Maschine and several virtual synths too, there’s some gear in mind to be honest, and we’ve been discussing a lot about this at the office lately. I guess that’s something common when winter arrives if you’re living here in Barcelona.

Are working on any new compositions that will be released anytime soon? If yes, then what labels may we see them on?

As first step there’s this V/A album that will be released later this month on Serialism Records featuring Andre Buljat, Christian Burkhardt and many more; “Atalaya” is the track that will be included. Aside from that I’ve got several drafts and projects on their way that only requires a final touch, some of those tracks are placed to Yakazi Music label.

I didn’t have enough time to get into it properly, sometimes it’s challenging to find a balance between family, work, gigs and spare time but I’m really enjoying my studio at the moment. It works as a creative oasis that I want to keep facing for 2016.

What are you looking forward to the most on this visit?

I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep my eyes open 24/7 trying to avoid all the clichés floating around the country. I shall face this adventure with all senses activated!

Lastly, 3 artists you really look up to?

Barac, Makam, Tin Man…

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